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As a company with over 25 years of experience, we offer professional disinfection (decontamination) of rooms and facilities against the new Sars-Cov-2 virus (Coronavirus). Our experience helps to choose the appropriate method and preparation for the effective disinfection treatment.

The selection of the appropriate preparation and method depends on the area in which the treatment is to be performed. Only a properly selected ones ensure the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.

Disinfection is the process of neutralising the number of microorganisms and their spore forms to a level that is safe for the functioning of humans and animals.

We offer various types of disinfection:

  1. Ozonation - subjecting the room to an appropriate concentration of ozone, controlled by sensors in aim to eliminate all viruses and bacteria.
  2. Dry mist disinfection - the most modern method of gas disinfection: non-invasive and harmless to all surfaces, materials or electronics. Used in hospitals, clinics, theaters, hotels, petrol stations, restaurants, warehouses and malls.

Below you can watch our operations in films and photos, reported by radio90.pl, nowiny.pl and BemaMed.

Disinfecting public places can help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Disinfection of the external area of the Hospital in Racibórz, Poland.

Source: radio90.pl author: Przemysław Niedźwiecki
Source: nowiny.pl author: Paweł Okulowski

Photo gallery of the disinfection process

Disinfection with DRY FOG

Disinfection with the use of dry fog - the most modern method of disinfecting rooms used in hospitals, clinics, schools, kindergartens, theaters, museums as well as warehouses and production halls.

Source: bemamed.pl
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