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What is the cookie file?

Cookies are single, small text files sent by viewed websites and downloaded on the user's device. The data contained in these files can be read only by the website which created them. Thus, the website cannot access any other files on the user's device. Disabling cookies in the browser may limit or hinder operation of some site features.


Why do we use cookies?
Cookies used on this Website aim to adjust and improve its operation, as well as to measure the effectiveness of the content contained. Cookies also enable to analyze the preferences of users and thereby improve the quality of services offered our clients on this website. We do not use cookies to contact the user via mail, e-mail or telephone.


What cookies do we use?
Two types of cookies can be used on the eko-tox.pl site:

session, temporary – hey remain on the user's device until leaving the website or turning off the web browser

permanent – these ones remain on the user's device until they are manually deleted by the user, or for the time specified in the file parameters, they may be used by the website in the future. Among permanent cookies one can distinguish:

- Cookies within a given domain (first party) - the website configures cookies only for its own needs,

- Cookies within an external domain (third party) - the website shares cookies so that it can be used in other websites.


Is it possible to revoke the consent to the processing of cookies?
Activities related to the storage and dispatch of cookies are operated by web browsers and are invisible to the user. Most of the browsers used to accept cookies by default, however, the user can set the browser to be able to reject requests to store selected cookies or any cookies at all. This can be done using the settings option in your browser. Before you decide to change the default settings, remember that many cookies help to improve the convenience of using the website. Disabling cookies may affect how our website will function (display) in your browser.

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